About us

JC Economics Education Centre is a leading tuition centre for A-Level Economics in
Singapore, offering a range of programmes that cater to students at different levels.
Established in 2012, it has gained a reputation for excellence and is the preferred
choice of students seeking quality economics tuition.
One of the key factors that sets JC Economics Education Centre apart is its
innovative teaching methodology, which is designed to integrate essay writing and
case study skills. This methodology is refined using inputs from Cambridge
examiners, which ensures that students are well-prepared to perform excellently in
their A-level examinations. Moreover, students are taught to apply economics
concepts to real-world situations, making classes engaging and practical.
The methodology of JC Economics Education Centre goes beyond the syllabus, as it
teaches students how to think and not what to think. This approach has proved
successful, with many students reporting a deep interest in the subject beyond just
syllabus learning. This has been helped by the fact that the tutors at JC Economics
Education Centre are experienced and passionate about teaching. They inspire and
challenge students to achieve their full potential, and are always available to provide
individual attention when needed.

Another advantage of JC Economics Education Centre is its optimal class sizes,
which enable students to receive the attention they need to tackle their A-Levels with
more certainty. In addition, the centre creates tailored summary notes for its
students. These notes are designed to help students separate the essential from the
non-essential, enabling them to learn more effectively. Many students testify that
these summary notes have helped them immensely in their preparation work for A-

JC Economics Education Centre also offers up-to-date economics classes based on
changes in MOE’s school syllabus. The lessons are designed to complement what
students learn in school and reflect the latest changes in the MOE syllabus. The
tutors at JC Economics Education Centre were once teachers at Singapore schools,
so they know exactly what it takes to succeed on exams and assignments.

The centre offers a range of programmes, including regular weekly classes, intensive
revision programmes, and holiday programmes. These programmes cater to
students at different levels, from those who need help with basic concepts to those
who are aiming for distinctions. The centre’s comprehensive approach ensures that
students are well-prepared for their A-level examinations and are equipped with the
necessary skills to succeed in their future studies.

JC Economics Education Centre also offers a range of resources to help students
learn more effectively. These include past-year papers, topical revision notes, and
video tutorials. The centre has a strong online presence, with many resources
available on its website, making it easy for students to access them whenever they
need to.

Finally, JC Economics Education Centre is committed to helping students achieve
their goals. It provides regular feedback to students and parents, enabling them to
track progress and identify areas for improvement. This helps students to stay
motivated and focused, and ensures that they are well-prepared for their A-level

Why Join Us?
JC Economics Education Centre’s unique selling proposition (USP) can also be
summarized using the three Os:

  1. One-on-One Attention: With small class sizes and a focus on individualized
    attention, students can progress at their own pace and receive the support
    they need to excel in their studies. This personalized approach allows tutors
    to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and provide customized
    guidance and support to help them improve.
  2. Outcome-Oriented: JC Economics Education Centre is focused on helping
    students achieve their desired outcomes. With a practical learning approach
    that emphasizes real-world examples and case studies, students develop the
    skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their examinations. The centre’s
    proven success rates demonstrate its commitment to helping students
    achieve their desired outcomes.
  3. Online Resources: The tuition centre provides students with access to a range
    of online resources. These resources, including video lectures, webinars, and
    online learning materials, enable students to learn at their own pace and
    revise topics covered in class. With these resources, students can
    supplement their classroom learning and develop a deeper understanding of
    Economics concepts.

Dr. Anthony Fok, one of the best economics tutors in Singapore, has developed a range of teaching methodologies to help students excel in economics. Here are four key
methodologies used at JC Economics Tuition Centre:

  1. Engaging and Practical Teaching Approach – Dr. Fok believes that economics should be taught in an engaging and practical manner. His lessons are designed to make the subject interesting and relatable to students, by using real-world examples and case studies. Dr. Fok also encourages students to think critically and apply economic principles to solve real-world problems.
  2. Seamlessly Delivery of Subject Content – Dr. Fok has extensive experience teaching
    economics and has developed a teaching style that seamlessly delivers subject
    content. He breaks down complex concepts into smaller, more manageable chunks,
    allowing students to understand and remember them more easily. Dr. Fok also ensures that his delivery of subject content is clear and concise, enabling students to grasp the material with ease.
  3. Individual Attention and Feedback – Dr. Fok understands that every student is
    different, and as such, requires individual attention and feedback. He ensures that each student receives personal attention during his lessons, addressing any areas of difficulty they may have. Dr. Fok also provides detailed feedback on students’ work, highlighting areas of strength and improvement.
  4. Application-Based Learning – Dr. Fok believes that learning economics should not be limited to theory but should be applied to real-world situations. He encourages
    students to think beyond the syllabus and apply economic principles to real-world
    issues, which not only makes the subject more engaging but also enhances their
    critical thinking and analytical skills. Through application-based learning, students are able to draw a connection between economic theory and practical situations.
    In conclusion, Dr. Anthony Fok has developed a range of teaching methodologies that make economics interesting, engaging, and practical for students. His teaching style seamlessly delivers subject content, providing individual attention and feedback to students. By encouraging application-based learning, students are able to develop critical thinking and analytical skills, making economics more relatable to their lives.