Economics Publications

Dr. Anthony Fok is a well-known economics tutor and author of a range of books that
offer practical and effective methods for excelling in economics exams. His books
are highly respected by students, educators, and academic institutions both in
Singapore and worldwide. The following are some of his notable publications

  1. “Complete Guide to GCE A Level Economics Real-World Examples for Essay
    Writing”: This comprehensive guide is an essential resource for A Level
    Economics students, providing over 500 real-world examples arranged by
    topic and concept to help them illustrate their points in essays or exams. The
    guide also includes clear explanations of key concepts and their application in
    practice, enabling students to bridge the gap between theory and reality.
  2. “Complete Guide to GCE A Level Economics Diagrams with Explanations”:
    This guidebook compiles more than 100 essential economics diagrams,
    carefully labeled and drawn to improve comprehension of economic concepts.
    Each diagram is explained in detail, allowing students to link topics to
    diagrams and acquire a holistic understanding of each subject.
  3. “Complete Guide to GCE A-Level Economics Essays”: This book teaches
    students how to write compelling introductions, topic sentences, draw high-
    quality economics diagrams, and write effective evaluative comments in their
    essays. The book includes numerous examples to help students develop the
    skills required to obtain high distinctions in their economics essays.
  4. “Complete Guide to GCE A-Level Economics Evaluation Points”: This book
    helps students to generate possible evaluation points for the theoretical

content covered in their coursework. It is designed to help students evaluate
alternative theoretical explanations and perspectives on economic problems,
issues, and policy decisions, improving their higher-order thinking skills, such
as application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
Dr. Anthony Fok’s books are highly practical, with a focus on providing students with
real-world examples and clear explanations to help them develop a better
understanding of economics concepts and their application in real-life situations. His
books are also effective, with proven strategies and techniques that can help
students excel in economics exams.
Overall, Dr. Anthony Fok’s books are invaluable resources for students, educators,
and academic institutions looking to improve their understanding and performance in
economics. His books can be purchased from his website or from various online
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