Weekly Economics Tuition
Welcome to our Weekly Economics Tuition programme, where we provide comprehensive
and effective tuition lessons to both JC1 and JC2 students at the H1 and H2 level. Our tuition
schedules are designed to accommodate a variety of schedules and preferences, with classes
held on weekends and weekdays at multiple locations. We understand that attending tuition
classes can be challenging, which is why we offer flexible schedules to help students balance
their academic workload with other commitments. We are dedicated to providing quality
education and support to help students excel in their academic pursuits. To view our tuition
schedules and learn more about our programme, please click on the link:

Case Study Workshop
The Economics Case Study Skills Workshop is a highly effective training program that aims
to provide students with the essential tools and techniques necessary to excel in their A-level
Economics case study paper. The workshop is conducted in two convenient locations: Bukit
Timah Shopping Centre and Tampines. Over the course of three sessions, students will
receive guidance on how to structure their answers to higher-order case study questions,
using effective answering techniques and strategies.
In addition to providing practical instruction, the workshop also includes revision notes on
case study skills, sample examination questions, and clarification on common errors and
misconceptions. By attending this workshop, students can expect to significantly improve
their conceptual understanding and application skills, with many participants achieving
higher scores on their examinations.
The Economics Case Study Skills Workshop is an excellent choice for students who are
seeking to enhance their confidence and achieve their best results on the A-level Economics
Paper 1 examination. This program is suitable for students of all skill levels, from those who
are struggling with case study questions to those who are seeking to improve their
performance even further. To learn more about the Economics Case Study Skills Workshop
and to register, please click on the link:

JC 1 Intensive Revision Programme (December Holiday)
The Intensive Revision Programme is a focused and comprehensive study program that takes
place exclusively in December every year. This program is ideal for JC1 students who did not
perform well in their promotional exams and wish to reinforce their knowledge of JC1 topics.

By attending this programme, students can establish a solid foundation and boost their
chances of success in the A-level Economics examination.
During the program, participants will receive a detailed review of content coverage, as well
as extensive practice with Economics essay questions and topical case studies. By practicing
these types of questions, students can better apply their theories to real-life examination
scenarios. Additionally, the program offers revision notes, model essays, and guidance on
essay-writing techniques and strategies for answering higher-order questions. Participants can
also expect to receive feedback on their work, with a focus on common errors and
misconceptions to ensure they fully grasp the material.
The Intensive Revision Programme is open to new students who are not attending regular
weekly tuition classes, making it an excellent choice for students looking to catch up and
reinforce their knowledge of JC1 topics. For more information on the December Holidays
Catch-up Programme schedule, please click on the link provided: